Muppet show Jigsaw Puzzles

Back in the early late 70’s Muppet show Jigsaw Puzzles were the main thing kids wanted to waste time on. With 80 pieces it didnt take long before you needed another Muppet fix, thus an almighty 200 piece version was soon released which kept everyone amused for an extra few minutes.

  • then try it without looking at the picture
  • then try it upside down
  • then try it with pieces facing the wrong way
Muppet show Jigsaw Puzzles

1970s Muppet show Jigsaw Puzzles Memories

No doubt about it many hours were spent on thee jigsaw puzzles and it did become more challenging as more and more pieces got lost down the sofa!

We only ever knew of these three – there are probably others too???

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