Dick Dastardly Racing car


Made by CORGI and around 5 Inches long, kids of the seventies must remember today’s classis car

From Wacky races in and around 1970 this Corgi Comics model number 809 goes to collectors for around  £50 these days.

The model has Dick Dastardly and Muttley in the Mean Machine. Mutley is removable and can face forwards or backwards on the back wing. The Mutley is often lost so a model with Mutley goes for a lot more.

Dick Dastardly Racing car

Corgis Dick Dastardly Model

The Corgi #809 Dick Dastardly Racing car was released to school kids in the 1970s during the time Wacky Races and Catch the Pigeon were at there height of popularity from Hannah and Barbera. I’ve seen a detachable Mutley on Ebay, so its worth keeping your eyes out if you are looking to complete your model.


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  2. Thanks for the Dick Dasterdly info- I picked up one of those Corgi diecast in an Op-shop for 50c! Now I know I need to find the missing Muttley!

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