60s Cracker Jack Candy Commercial

Now what was it they would say in the ‘Cracker Jack’ commercial & theme song?

Known as Americas favorite confectionery, they then said “The more you eat, the more you want”








Cracker Jack!

60s Cracker Jack Candy Commercial

1960s Cracker Jack Candy Commercial

Apparently they stopped putting the toys in the Cracker Jack boxes because parents were suing the company after their kids tried eating the boats and animals toys.

Anyone else remember the 1960s Cracker Jack Candy?

4 thoughts on “60s Cracker Jack Candy Commercial

  1. I was lucky enough to meet the performer..who played the snack stand vendor..who sells the box of “Cracker Jacks”to those two little kids.

    Mr.Jack Gilford..a kindly and gentle man..who sadly..is no longer
    with us.

  2. I remember loving Cracker Jacks and trying to learn the words to the jingle as a kid. The peanuts were my favorite part of the snack. Of course the toy was the best! Until they started putting little paper joke books and the like for the prize.

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