Starfighter Jet Car

The Starfighter Jet Car was an awesome Corgi car released in the early 70sFor use in the plaground it was superbFor use in the home – Mum’s loved it as it had a rubber nose that absorb all shocks without chipping the skirting board paint.Any one else remember this classic corgi car ? Apparently this was withdrawn in 1977. speculation on the web on what it actually is meant to be a jet fighter engine then put it on wheels to make a drag racer and name it something spacey like “starfighter”. Works for me…

Starfighter Jet Car

Corgi's 1977 Starfighter Jet Car

The Starfighter Jet Car is metalic blue with a silver engine and orange exhaust and nose. Ratio of 1:40 and plate 585 used. An amazing and rare corgi but has been seen a few times on ebay as “Model 169 Starfighter Jet Car”.

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  1. The original you may know was built by a swede named Arnold.

    The first test he did in this car was on he’s backyard. He actially cheated death several times in this car. She made 25.000hp, quartmile in 6 seconds 420km/h

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