Popcorn Theater

Popcorn Theater reviewed by Kevin Butler

Local: WABC TV Ch.7 NYC
Saturday mornings: Saturday September 8,1956-Saturday December 1,1956
Host/Performer:“Popo The Clown” (the name of the actor..who played “Popo The Clown” is unknown)

In the fall of 1956..the heads of WABC TV Ch.7 in NYC created and produced a saturday morning children’s variety tv series..that featured the talents of a sad face tramp clown character known as”Popo”.Who hosted “Popcorn Theater!”.

Popcorn Theater

Popcorn Theater with Poppo the Clown

Set against the backdrop of a traveling circus…”Popcorn Theater”had “Popo The Clown”performing comedy skits..inbetween the reruns of old movie cartoons,comedies,westerns,serials and circus films.

The program had a moderate ammount of success and a series of comic books were merchandized and published by a local comic book company.

The series did well..but..it didn’t become a big hit and the station execs at Ch.7 closed down “Popcorn Theater”following the saturday December 1,1956 broadcast.

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  1. Poppo the clown is not the same person as PoPo the clown. PoPo’s show name was Count PoPo and he worked in Oakland, Ca after retiring from working in circuses. He was resident clown at Fairyland in Oakland, Ca and was on Romper Room there. He was also a UNICEF Ambassador and traveled all over the Pacinas their representative. Count PoPo’s real name was Charles deBathe. He successfully sued the Actor Danny Kaye for using his name.

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