“Shariland!” reviewed by Kevin Butler
Local: WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC
Saturday evenings October 13,1956-Saturday December 22,1956
Returned: Local:WRCA TV Ch.4 NYC
Saturday mornings: Saturday August 16,1957- August 16,1958
Host/Performer: Shari Lewis
Puppet Characters: “Lamb Chop”, “Charlie Horse”, “Hush Puppy” and “Wing Ding”.

Prior to the cancellation of “Shari & Her Friends” Ms.Shari Lewis was hired by an independent tv producer to create,produce and present a filmed children’s tv series.

Shariland with  Lamb Chop

Shariland included Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse, Hush Puppy and Wing Ding

Again set against the backdrop of a fantasy relm…”Shariland” would have Ms.Lewis entertain and inform her viewers. While trying to surpress the antics of her puppets.

“Shariland!” was the very first children’s tv program that featured Ms.Lewis’ famous hand puppets “Lamb Chop”, Charlie Horse”, “Hush Puppy” and “Wing Ding”.

“Shariland”was seen saturday evenings on WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC and in national syndication from Saturday October 13,1956 to Saturday December 22,1956.

The series would be rebroadcast on WRCA TV Ch.4 in NYC on Saturday mornings from Saturday August 16,1957 to Saturday August 16,1958.

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