Facts N Fun

Facts N’Fun! reviewed by Kevin Butler
Local WNBT TV Ch.4 NYC
Sunday Afternoons: Sunday July 5,1953 – Sunday September 26,1953
Host/Performer/Instructor: Ms.Shari Lewis
Puppet Characters: “Taffy Twinkle” &”Samson”

Ms.Shari Lewis engages her viewers and studio audiences in games,songs,stories,craftmaking,hobbies and interviews with guest performers and personalities inbetween the reruns of old movie comedies and cartoons.

Originally this series was titled”Sherrie Lewis”..on Sunday July 19,1953 the program was re-titled “Facts N’ Fun!”.

Facts N Fun

Facts N Fun with host and performer Shari Lewis

Unlike her later series’…where Ms.Lewis would manipulate and voice hand puppets..she would perform with two vent figures: “Taffy Twinkle” (a silly farm girl) and”Samson” (A crooked talent manager) on the show.

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