Nostalgic popcorn makers

It seems that retro sweets and nostalgic candy are making a big comeback these days and popcorn is no exception. There are several very good retro style popcorn makers on the market and some are so good they look identical to the originals.

popcorn makerNostalgic popcorn makers are a great addition to an evening in watching an old black and white movie. You can really live the authenticity of yesteryear as the smell takes you way back.


As Popcorn is almost an essential part of American life, the flavourings are also of great importance. Besides the traditional plain flavor of popcorn some good retro varieties are cheddar cheese, caramel and cinnamon. Give your friend an assortment of popcorn flavorings to sprinkle on her favorite snacks. Add the flavorings to a gift basket and include some old-fashioned glass shakers. The flavours are easily absorbed during the popcorn process.

Some are also available in a mini-range and even boast the fact that they are a healthy option if you are on a diet. Of course that does depend on whether you put toffee or caramel all over your popcorn in the first place.

Don’t know about you but I really hate the hard bits left over that almost break your teeth. Warning – don’t even try to bite them!

So your left with just one question, Sweet Or Salty?

2 thoughts on “Nostalgic popcorn makers

  1. I’m amazed how popular the old retrosweets are
    though i saw an old sweet machine the other day on a shop wall
    the gobstoppers must of been over 20 years old in there
    made me laugh as if you had an old 5 pence peice you could still work it!

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