Tom and Jerry Corgi Junior Vehicles

These Tom and Jerry Corgi Junior Vehicles were a great novelty and so colourful. Though bits broke off them like no tomorrow when they entered a collision with other cars.

They appear to be in the Whizzwheels range and are named The Tom “Go Cat” and Jerry “Banger” These are an amusing pair of vehicles from Corgi Juniors

Tom and Jerry Corgi

Tom and Jerry Corgi Juniors


This selection comprises two Corgi Junior TV novelty items made between 1971 and 1972 and comprising Tom’s Go-Cart and Jerry’s Banger, both with Whizzwheels. Both vehicles are in very good condition, have all their decals, have no broken or missing parts, or any significant paint defects. Tom on his dustbin/crutch go-cart and Jerry on his roller skate/cannon

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