Four Sight

Back in the 1975 everyone had an idea of what life would be like in the year 2000. Silver jackets, food in the form of tablets and games with a twist to keep you from being board as the robots carry out all the chores of the day! – Get real! Four sight by Invicta who also brought us the classic Mastermind games, promised Four Sight is supposedly one of the games.


The Four Site playing board has a 4 x 4 layout of recessed squares. One player has 8 white square tiles, the other player 8 black. Each player chooses one of the key plates with holes in, and then in turn, places one of their tiles in a square in the playing board. The first player to place their key plate on the playing board and reveal, through the holes in it, 3 of their own colour tiles, and one of their opponent’s, is the winner.

Four Sight

Four Sight Game by Invicta

The game can be quite different as you can turn your key plate around and use it in any of its four orientations. For real game geeks the rules included two further game play options, which add further dimensions and complexity to the game.

Four Sight claimed in 1975 to be the “GAME OF THE FUTURE WHERE SUCCESS IS THE POWER.” Not quite but a good try.

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