Stay Alive Milton Bradley Board Game

Before the avalanche of electronic games, moulded plastic games from MB (Milton Bradley) made up a large part of kids toys and games in the 70s and 80s. One of the popular games in the seventies was Stay Alive.

Stay Alive Milton Bradley Board Game was a game of hidden traps and survival. Yes kids were getting a dose of the real world at the age of 8 years old!

Stay Alive was tag-lined as the ultimate survival game. (though Buckaroo and Ker-plunk would give it a run for it title)

Stay Alive Milton Bradley Board Game

Stay Alive Milton Bradley Board Game

Stay Alive was played by 2-4 players ages 8 to adult. The board was made up of sliders that could move forward and backward over a 7 by 7 grid. Your men or colored marbles would sit on there chosen square from the start and with a sliding of the orange or white levers, your marble would either fall into the hole or would keep afloat and “Stay Alive”.


The games purpose was to stay alive while all your oppenents marbles had fallen into the pit.

A very simple concept but a great game for strategists.

Stay Alive Setup

  • each player takes five marbles of the same colour
  • each of the 14 slides should be slid into a random position, this makes each game unique from the start

Playing Stay Alive Game

  • Players place there marbles one at a time on the grid
  • After all marbles are placed the first player must move a slide one position only. He can move a slide either orange or white but it must only move either outside to centre or centre to inside or vice versa but never from inside position to outside position or vice versa as this would be two moves in one turn.
  • you cant move the same slider after its just been used.
  • once all marbles have dropped for a player he is out of the game
  • The player with the last marble staying alive is the winner!

Do you remember any MB games like Staying Alive – Let us know below

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  1. The advert is awesome
    great memories of that advert
    and in case you are wondering – you can still get stay alive on ebay

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