Leg Warmers

Lets face it if anything is likely to get cold, it might be your nose or finger tips. Possibly your toes if you forgot to put your socks on, but who in their right mind came up with leg warmers?

Do legs really need mitten like material around them. It certainly clashed with most outfits. The main reason why Leg Warmers were so big in the eighties.

Eighties Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers - Big in the 1980s

In the 80s it seemed that you could wear leg warmers with anything and everything. The idea was you were warming up ready to dance with John Travolta or about to parade into an audition on Fame. Yet it made no difference at all whether you knew how to dance or not.

Forget fashion practicality in the 1980s leg warmers were awful and the only grace is it’s hilarious looking back at them 30 years on.

Did you wear leg warmers, or even remember the eighties when you had several pairs in your wardrobe? Let us know your memories below.

3 thoughts on “Leg Warmers

  1. I remember having blue woolen leg warmers with little black dogs on them when I was 4 years old. I even have pictures of me wearing them!!

  2. Don’t laugh but I’m looking for leg warmers for my 100 year old Mom. She will only wear dresses and her legs get cold in the winter time even though she has a blanket/throw over her legs.
    I can’t find them locally so will probably order some soon.

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