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Archie Andrews is the original teenager of the comic and cartoon world, charming comic-book readers since the 1940’s. When Arch and his Riverside High School pals moved into the Saturday morning cartoon world in the late 1960’s, the result was a major hit called The Archie Show that also spawned a classic bubblegum pop music hit in “Sugar Sugar.” This success led to Archie and the gang became a Saturday morning fixture throughout the 1970’s. In the process, they inspired plenty of merchandise, including the Archies dolls produced by Marx Toys in 1975.

The Archies dolls consisted of four characters—Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica—all eight inches tall and made of plastic. They were also articulated, right down to their “action flex” legs. Each was dressed in appropriate high-school student clothes, and additional Archies clothes could be bought to add variety. The male figures had molded-plastic hair, but the female figures had rooted hair. Jughead also sported an accessory: his famous ‘crown’ hat. Archies fans could also buy a genuine Archie Jalopy to transport the gang around in style and a vinyl carrying case to store the dolls.

Marx Toys only made the Archie dolls for one year, but these items remain popular today with both toy collectors and Archies fans. In fact, mint unopened Archies dolls can cost a collector up to $75 today. For cool cartoon dolls, the Archies dolls definitely make the grade.

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1975 - The Archies

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