Plastic Cars

Plastic Cars

Synopsis of Toy

Once plastic was used in toys it wasnt long before the idea of cars came along. Since matchbox and hotwheeks were such a big hit in the USA and UK mothers were keen to see an end to all the paintwork chips along the skirting boards. Plastic cars were the answer as seen in the picture above from left to right -- Chevrolet El Camino : Tomte Laerdal, KEW (Dodge UK) Lorry : Tomte Laerdal, Cheverolet Pickup ( same mold as the El Camino ) : Minflex made in Hong Kong, Renault Caravelle : Tomte Laerdal. 3.5" - 4" long, 1960s.

The first batch in the set were five models manufactured in 1958. These plastic cars were designed in a relatively hard plastic, at 1:40, had little success. Then around 1963 there is the first models in soft plastic at 1:43, this material will give new life to thirty-five different models as are outlined below and a few other larger versions, at 1:24.

It's beleived that most of casts of miniature brands corgi, dinky, solido and many others, are available in five colors. Blue, Yellow, Green, Red and Orange, though it is known for some unusaul shades to slip through- normally a light blue.

By 1978 after more than 100 million models sold around the world and while sales were still increasing, Laerdal decided to stop producing cars in soft plastic in order to concentrate the efforts of the company in the design and manufacture of medical equipment and emergency first aid equipment. This has now made these models very collectable.

The Tomte-Laerdal company from Stavanger, Norway produced soft plastic ( vinyl and PVC ), furniture friendly toy vehicles from 1963 to 1978 in 1:43 scale. I remember playing with these as a child in the 1970s. They didn't go as fast as my Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars but they had an appeal of their own.

Today the company, as Laerdal Medical, is best known for their CPR training dummy "CPR Annie" ( or "Resusci Anne" outside North America ). 

Release History of Toy

 1  Volkswagen pick up

 2  Jeep willys

 3  Sunbeam Alpine Cab

 4  Camion de pompier

 5  Mercedes Coupé 300 SL

 6  Renault Floride

 7  Camion benne Chevrolet

 8  Jaguar Type D

 9  Berline Mercedes 180

10 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet       

11 Mercedes Cabriolet 190 SL 

12 Ford Vedette        

13 Coccinelle 1200 police

14 Chevrolet

15 Dodge        

16 Ford Thunderbird            

17 Jeep             

18 Land Rover

19 Tracteur Fordson 

20 Remorque

21 Citroen DS Cabriolet 

22 Bentley Cabriolet

23 Land Rover Pick Up 

24 Toyota 2000 GT

25 Renault R16 TS

26 Camion Benne Leyland

27 Volvo Break

28 Datsun 240 Z

29 Coccinelle 1300

30 Renault R5           

31 Alfa P33 Pininfarina

32 Renault R12 TL    

33 Locomotive

34 Voiture de passagers

35 Wagon de marchandises

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Tomte-Laerdal company from Stavanger, Norway

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