Barnyard Commandos

Barnyard Commandos

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Porker Power!"

Barnyard Commandos certainly gave George Orwell a run for his socialist politics, presenting the world with an animated, anthropomorphic situation to rival the classic Animal Farm.

This wacky animated series used the barnyard as a battleground for an all-out war between pigs and sheep. Each rival faction spoke a secret language that the enemy couldn't understand. The sheep would yell "Waab-allow in maab-ud, paab-igs!" in a language called "Baa Code,” whereas the pigs, spoke—you guessed it—"PORK Latin," as in "Ull-pay the ord-cay!"

Leading the band of warring livestock were the decorated pig Sgt. Shoat N. Sweet, Sgt. Hammond Egger, and others. The sheep were led by the inimitable Major Legger Mutton and Commander Fleece Cardigan.

The war between the P.O.R.K.S. (Platoon Of Rebel Killer Swine) and the R.A.M.S (Rebel Army of Militant Sheep) was never serious, focusing more on insults and pop culture spoofs than any real combat. Using their secret codes, the two sides fought to find the location of the great secret, waging a harmlessly silly war that no one ever seemed to win.

The war actually only lasted four episodes, as the Barnyard Commandos miniseries never turned into a fully-fledged series. Still, one can only wonder how much wool was needlessly shed. If only the focused farm warriors had realized that after all the slop and mud that had been slung, there wasn’t much difference between a pork chop and a lamb chop after all.


Release History

1990 - ? syndicated

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TV Studio

Murikami-Wolf-Swenson, Those Characters From Cleveland

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