The Bugs Bunny Show

The Bugs Bunny Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"What's up, doc?"

One of the most popular and enduring cartoon series of all time, the Warner Bros. stable of cartoons headed by that award-winning wabbit known as "Bugs" came to Saturday morning in 1962... and never left.

The Bugs Bunny Show was originally a half-hour program composed of the WB theatrical shorts from the 40's and 50's, later expanded to an hour under the title The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show. Since then the show has had many different incarnations on ABC, CBS and even a recent prime-time run on Nickelodeon.

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Wile E. Coyote, the Road Runner and Porky Pig are just a few of the timeless characters that appeared as part of the Bugs Bunny Show, many of whom were voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc. June Foray, Daws Butler, Stan Freberg and others contributed their considerable vocal talents as well.

The cartoons themselves were directed by men who have come to be recognized as giants in the industry: Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Robert McKimson, Bob Clampett, Frank Tashlin and many more...

While on CBS, the show opened with a very popular "vaudeville" theme song that introduced the entire cast:

Curtain, Lights!
This is it
The night of nights!
No more rehearsing, and nursing our part-
We know every part by heart!

Curtain, Lights!
This is it
We'll hit the heights!
And oh, what heights we'll hit-
On with the show, this is it!

Release History

4/7/62 - ? ABC, CBS

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Warner Bros.

Television Cast

Bugs Bunny Mel Blanc
Daffy Duck Mel Blanc
Yosemite Sam Mel Blanc
Sylvester Mel Blanc
Tweety Bird Mel Blanc
Porky Pig Mel Blanc
Wile E. Coyote Mel Blanc
Road Runner Nancy Wible
Foghorn Leghorn Mel Blanc
Tasmanian Devil Mel Blanc
Marvin the Martian Mel Blanc
Pepe le Pew Mel Blanc
Speedy Gonzalez Mel Blanc
Elmer Fudd Arthur Q. Bryan
Granny June Foray
Witch Hazel June Foray
Smoky the Genie Jim Backus
Voices Bea Benaderet
Voices Julie Bennett
Voices Jeff Bergman
Voices Bill Bletcher
Voices Daws Butler
Voices Stan Freberg
Voices Ben Frommer
Voices June Gerber
Voices Hal Smith
Voices B.J. Ward

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