Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Taz-Mania found Warner Brothers' drooling, manic Tazmanian Devil working as a bellhop at Australia’s Hotel Tasmania, along with owner Bushwacker Bob, Constance, Thickly, and the selfish Digeri Dingo. Still crazed, though slightly less destructive than his past incarnation, "Taz" was always getting himself mixed up in one outrageous adventure after another. The series also featured Taz’s family of Devils—his mellow, Bing Crosby-like father Hugh, happy homemaker mom Jean, Valley Girl sister Molly, little brother Jake, and their pet, Dog the Turtle.

Taz was constantly being hunted by various predators, like the allegedly artful Bull Gator, his sidekick Axel Gator, and Francis X. Bushlad, though no pursuer was any match for Taz. The dizzying devil also found friends in the inventive, lisping Platypus Brothers, Daniel and Timothy, who let Taz partake in their explosive experiments—usually at Taz’s expense. Other recurring characters included Bushwacker Bob’s Mum, the neurotic Wendell T. Wolf, a flea named Willy Wombat, Kiwi, Buddy Boar, and the occasional cameo by other cartoon stalwarts from the Warner Bros. stable.

Knowing that Taz had a fan base that was both old and young, the writers mixed intelligent, adult-oriented humor with the show's more slapstick, juvenile aspects. The combination caught on, as Taz-Mania ran for five successful seasons on the Fox schedule, bringing legions of new fans to its spinning, slobbering star.

Release History

9/7/91 - 9/3/94 Fox

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TV Studio

Warner Brothers

Television Cast

Taz Jim Cummings
Bull Gator John Astin
Jake Debi Derryberry
Jean Miriam Flynn
Hugh Maurice LaMarche
Molly Kellie Martin
Axel Gator Rob Paulsen
Mister Thickley Dan Castellaneta
Didgeri Dingo Rob Paulsen
Willie Wombat Philip Proctor
Constance Rosalyn Landor
Wendell T. Wolf Jim Cummings
Daniel Platypus Rob Paulsen
Timothy Platypus Maurice LaMarche
Thickley Dan Castellaneta
Buddy Boar Jim Cummings
Bushwacker Bob Jim Cummings
Francis X. Bushlad Rob Paulsen

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