Tom and Jerry Kids

Tom and Jerry Kids

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Riding shotgun on the cartoon-stars-as-kids bandwagon (see A Pup Named Scooby Doo and Flintstone Kids) was Hanna-Barbera’s Tom and Jerry Kids, based on MGM's popular warring cat and mouse duo.

The mute enemies were back on Saturday morning, starring in two seven-minute segments per episode. Apparently, the rivalry between the two had started early, as the youthful Tom and Jerry were up to their old tricks: fighting, chasing, competing, and generally getting on each other's nerves. Each episode was jam packed with action, adventure, and laughs aplenty.

The remaining segment rotated each week, with some of the original characters from Tom and Jerry returning to the small screen, as well as a bevy of new ones. The droll dog Droopy was back, this time with his son Dripple (a virtual doppelganger of dad), trying to outsmart the wicked Wolf. Also making a long-overdue comeback was the sprightly Spike the Dog, with his son Tyke in tow. Newcomers included such animated additions as Wild Mouse, Slow Poke Antonio, the Gator Brothers, and the Mouse Scouts. Droopy eventually got his own spin-off in 1993’s Droopy, Master Detective.
Even as kids, Tom and Jerry pounded, pummeled and pounced on each other to the delight of a new generation of audiences. The show was a success, and the two went on to their first feature (and their first speaking roles), in 1992's Tom and Jerry: The Movie.

Release History

9/8/90 - 10/2/93 Fox
1992 syndicated

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Droopy Don Messick
Dripple Charlie Adler
McWolf Frank Welker
Spike Dick Gautier
Tyke Patric Zimmerman
Voices Frank Welker

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