Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The first offering from Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks TV Animation, Toonsylvania was an animated spoof of the Frankenstein story, told in ghoulishly amusing fashion.

Toonsylvania took place in a spooky castle, high above the Trans Fernando Valley, and followed the crazy misadventures of the mad, diabolical Doctor Vic Frankenstien, his conspiring lab assistant Igor, and his proud creation—the dumb, loveable monster Phil. The show focused on the kooky hijinks of the three, with the scheming, hunchbacked assistant’s efforts to overthrow the overbearing scientist constantly being thwarted by the doctor himself.

The show also spawned a successful line of gross-out toys, including a lab that came complete with brains, oozing body parts, and an acid bath.

Release History

2/7/98 Fox

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Dr. Vic Frankenstien David Warner
Igor Wayne Knight
Phil Brad Garrett
Voices Charlie Adler
Voices Jocelyn Blue
Voices Nancy Cartwright
Voices Jim Cummings
Voices Jess Harnell
Voices Tom Kenny
Voices Valery Pappas
Voices Billy West

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