The Tomfoolery Show

The Tomfoolery Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Tomfoolery Show was a short-lived collection of animated shorts based on the nonsensical poetry of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear, with occasional nods to other literary classics by Ogden Nash and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The high-minded concept went straight over the heads of its young viewers and the show was cancelled after just one season, but not before introducing us to such amusing recurring characters as the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo (whose head was ever so much bigger than his body), the Scroobious Snake, the Obsequious Ornamental Ostrich, the Enthusiastic Elephant, the Fitzgibbious Fish, the Umbrageous Umbrella Maker and the Worrying Whizzing Wasp.

Release History

9/12/70 - 9/4/71 NBC

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Voices Peter Hawkins
Voices Bernard Spear
Voices The Maury Laws Singers

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