Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"I'm feelin' hairy, and my teeth are mean,
I got a weird complexion and I, I wanna scream!"

A year after the big-screen version, Teen Wolf made its way to television as a cartoon. As in the film, the cartoon Scott Howard (played in the movie by Michael J. Fox) was forced to deal with the indignities of adolescence—acne, girl trouble, and extra hair...everywhere.

Unlike the film's premise, wherein Scott became popular at school after his alter ego was revealed, the cartoon showed Scott hoping to keep his werewolf tendencies a secret. The animated series also added a pack of were-relatives, including Scott's grandparents and semi-wolfen little sister Lupe.

Growing up in the city of Wolverton, which had become a tourist stop because of its historic werewolf sightings, Scott fought hard to keep his alter ego a secret. He did, however, confide in his two best buds, Styles (voiced by Donny “Ralph Malph” Most) and the female Boof.

Whenever Scott was angered or exposed to a full moon, the teenager would become a werewolf. A frequent source of his anger was Mick, Scott’s rival for the affection of the school knockout, Pam.

June Foray (the voice of Rocket J. Squirrel) provided the voice not only for Grandma Howard, but also for Mrs. Sesslick, the nosy next-door neighbor. Along with her dorky reporter son Waldo, Mrs. Sesslick spent most of her time trying to expose the teen wolf’s secret.

The show ran for three Saturday-morning seasons, even surviving the box-office bomb Teen Wolf Too. The Saturday morning show also boasted not one, but two memorable theme songs—a spooky rock piece and its cheerier surf pop replacement.

Release History

9/3/86 - 9/2/89 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Scott Howard/Teen Wolf Townsend Coleman
Boof..Jeannie Elias  
Gradma Howard June Foray
Mrs. Sesslick June Foray
Grandpa Howard Stacy Keach Sr.
Harold James Hampton
Styles Donny Most
Mick Craig Shaffer
Chuck Will Ryan

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