Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In the year 2020, NASA’s Headquarters on Mars were destroyed by androids from the planet Guk, in the galaxy of Alpha Centauri. The androids and their wrinkled hag of a leader, Zelda, have designs on the earth, hoping to wipe out the humans and rule in their stead.

Three years earlier, by order of the UN High Commnad, Dr. ‘Tiger’ Ninestein formed an elite international force known as the Terrahawks. Now the group, located at their secret base in South America, must defend the world against the evil Zelda.

The leader and creator of the Terrahawks Earth Defense Squadron, Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein is one of nine clones created by Professor Stein. Working with the doc is the even-tempered Captain Mary Falconer. As pilot of the Battlehawk, Mary uses her former experience as a civilian pilot and free-fall parachutist. Scoring IQ points on the mission is super-smart space stud Hiro, responsible for the Terrahawks' computer Command Centre. The brassy, sassy, singing sensation Kate Kestrel is a double threat as a Hawkwing pilot. Lieutenant Hawkeye has microcomputer-enhanced eyes that have helped him earn his reputation as an ace fighter pilot. Finally, Sgt. Major Zero, a ball-shaped robot, upholds the tradition of machines with emotion. Together they battle Zelda and her android creations, Crystar and Yungstar.

Terrahawks was created by "Supermarionation" pioneer Gerry Anderson, who worked with Christopher Burr to create the dazzling array of puppets and vehicles for this show. The program ran in syndication for only one season, eclipsed in popularity by Anderson's more famous puppet shows, Thunderbirds and Fireball XL-5.

Release History

1985 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Gerry Anderson,  Christopher Burr

Television Cast

Sergeant Major Zero Windsor Davies
Voice Denise Bryer
Voice Jeremy Hitcher
Voice Anne Ridler
Voice Ben Stevens

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