Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Much like the Smurfs, The Trollkins were a diminutive band of creatures who lived in a close-knit community and had a fascination with one particular word. Appropriately, the residents of Trolltown delighted in peppering their dialogue with the word “troll.”

The leader of the town was Mayor Lumpkin who, like most cartoon dignitaries, was a bit of a joke. His assistants, Sheriff Pudge Trollson and Deputroll Flake, were no better.

Each troll had a distinct character, especially the Mayor’s daughter Pixie Trollson, who was, by comparison, the most beautiful troll in Trolltown. The communal pet of the village was Flooky, a dog who was able to communicate with his masters through a variety of sounds and skilled pantomime.

One of the most distinguishble characteristics of the show was its defined rural flavor. Each character spoke with a thick hillbilly accent, and banjo-laden country music provided the show's soundtrack.

While The Trollkins seemed like a rip-off of the more popular Smurfs, it should be noted that both programs debuted on the same day in the same time slot.

Release History

9/12/81 - 9/04/82 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Sheriff Pudge Trollson Alan Oppenheimer
Pixie Trollson Jennifer Darling
Deputroll Dolly Jennifer Darling
Blitz Plumkin Steve Spears
Flooky Frank Welker
Bogg Frank Welker
Top Troll Frank Welker
Grubb Trollmaine Michael Bell
Mayor Lumpkin Paul Winchell
Deputroll Flake Marshall Efron
Afid Hank Saroyan
Slug Bill Calloway

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