The Three Robonic Stooges

The Three Robonic Stooges

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In The Three Robonic Stooges, everybody’s favorite slapstick comedy team returned to Saturday morning, this time as crime-fighting mechanical superheroes. Originally seen as a short cartoon segment on The Skatebirds, this half-hour weekly animated show cast Larry, Curly, and hey, Moe as androids, working for their long-suffering boss, Triple Zero. With their stretchable arms and legs (a precursor to Inspector Gadget), there was no shortage of eye-poking, face-slapping, nose-tweaking, and Curly’s patented “nyuk, nyuk," but this time around it was in the interest of national security.

Bumbling as always, these android crime-busters were constantly crashing into one another, spouting springs and bolts, and generally malfunctioning—usually while on the job. However, maladroit as they were, they never failed to bring the various villains to justice, whether international master spies or the Giant of the Beanstalk.

Release History

1/28/78 - 9/2/78 CBS

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TV Studio

Hanna-Barbera, Norman Maurer

Television Cast

Curly Frank Welker
Larry Joe Baker
Moe Paul Winchel
Triple Zero Ross Martin

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