Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The title song promised “More than meets the eye,” and for over four seasons of syndication, The Transformers delivered. Robots who transformed into vehicles, weapons, boom boxes, and eventually dinosaurs, insects, animals and more, waged an eternal battle of good Autobots versus evil Decepticons. Hasbro premiered its line of morphing toys in the spring of 1984, following up with a comic book series that summer and a syndicated cartoon at the end of the year.

The story of The Transformers begins on the planet Cybertron, home to both Autobot and Decepticon. When the Autobots head for their ship to seek out new energy reserves, the Decepticons attack, leading to a crash landing on Earth several million years B.C. An erupting volcano in the present day reactivates the dormant robot/vehicles, and the battle begins anew, led by good robot/big rig Optimus Prime and bad robot/big gun Megatron. Helpful humans Spike and Sparkplug Witwicky befriend the Autobots and aid their cause. In later seasons, other humans would join each side, like wheelchair-bound wunderkind Chip Chase and the arch evil Dr. Archeville.

Production was underwritten by Hasbro, but the series always promised more than simply a half-hour toy commercial. The plots were elaborate, often in two, three, or five parts, with a constant influx of new ‘bots: Dinobots, Constructicons, Aerialbots, Insecticons, etc. The show employed the voice talents of some of the best in the business, including the legendary Frank Welker as Megatron and others, all mechanically altered to make the characters sound more robot-like.

In 1986, Transformers: The Movie was released in theaters, featuring the voices of Leonard Nimoy, Eric Idle, Robert Stack, and in one of his final performances, Orson Welles as the evil transforming planet Unicron. A 1993 series, Transformers: Generation II, revamped old episodes with computer-generated bumpers and transitions. And in 1996 the Transformers craze was reborn with Beast Wars, a new series of toys and cartoons that introduced another generation to these “Robots in disguise.”

Release History

1984 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Sunbow, Hasbro, Marvel

Television Cast

Air Raid Rob Paulsen
Alpha Trion John Stephenson
Apeface Dick Gautier
Arcee Susan Blu
Astrotrain Jack Angel
Beachcomber Alan Oppenheimer
Blades Frank Welker
Blaster Buster Jones
Blitzwing Ed Gilbert
Bluestreak Casey Kasem
Blurr John Moschitta
Bombshell Michael Bell
Bonecrusher Neil Ross
Brainstorm Michael Bell
Brawn Corey Burton
Bumblebee Dan Gilvezan
Buzzsaw Frank Welker
Carly Arlene Banas
Chip Chase Michael Horton
Chromedome Frank Welker
Cliffjumper Casey Kasem
Crosshairs Kevin Ross
Cyclonus Roger C. Carmel
Daniel David Mendenhall
Defensor Chris Latta
Devastator Arthur Burghardt
Dirge Brad Davis
Dr. Archeville Casey Kasem
Fastlane Rob Paulsen
Firebolt Dick Gautier
First Aid Michael Bell
Fracas Kevin Ross
Freeway Danny Mann
Frenzy Frank Welker
Galvatron Frank Welker
Gears Don Messick
Gort Michael Bell
Grimlock Gregg Berger
Groove Frank Welker
Haywire Rob Paulsen
Hook Neil Ross
Hot Rod Dick Gautier
Hot Spot Dan Gilvezan
Hound Ken Sansom
Huffer John Stephenson
Inferno Walker Edmiston
Ironhide Peter Cullen
Jazz Scatman Crothers
Kickback Clive Revill
Krunk Chris Latta
Kup John Stephenson
Laserbeak Frank Welker
Lightspeed Danny Mann
Long Haul Gregg Berger
Marissa Faireborn Susan Blu
Megatron Frank Welker
Mirage Frank Welker
Mixmaster Frank Welker
Monzo Kevin Ross
Omega Supreme Jack Angel
Optimus Prime Peter Cullen
Perceptor Paul Eiding
Pipes Hal Rayle
Pointblank Kevin Ross
Prowl Michael Bell
Ramjet Jack Angel
Ratbat Frank Welker
Ratchet Don Messick
Ravage Frank Welker
Reflector Chris Latta
Rodimus Prime Dick Gautier
Rumble Frank Welker
Scavenger Don Messick
Scourge Stan Jones
Scrapper Michael Bell
Seaspray Alan Oppenheimer
Shockwave Corey Burton
Shrapnel Hal Rayle
Sideswipe Michael Bell
Sixshot Kevin Ross
Skyfire Gregg Berger
Skywarp Frank Welker
Slag Neil Ross
Slingshot Rob Paulsen
Sludge Frank Welker
Smokescreen Jack Angel
Snarl Hal Rayle
Soundwave Frank Welker
Sparkplug Witwicky Chris Latta
Spike Witwicky Corey Burton
Spoilsport Danny Mann
Springer Neil Ross
Starscream Chris Latta
Sunstreaker Corey Burton
Swoop Michael Bell
Thrust Ed Gilbert
Thundercracker John Stephenson
Trailbreaker Frank Welker
Ultra Magnus Jack Angel
Warpath Alan Oppenheimer
Wheelie Frank Welker
Wheeljack Chris Latta
Windcharger John Stephenson

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