These are the Days

These are the Days

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

These Are the Days was a half-hour animated program that told the story of the Days, a family living in early 20th century America. Inspired by the popularity of The Waltons, this Hanna-Barbera dramatic cartoon centered around Martha Day, a widow trying to raise her three kids—Kathy, Danny, and Ben.

The Day family lived in the rural town of Elmsville along with Martha's father Jeff, who owned the Day General Store, and several friends and neighbors. Although the show was critically acclaimed, it only lasted sixteen episodes, spending its entire second season in reruns.

Release History

9/7/74 - 9/5/76 ABC

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Television Cast

Martha Day June Lockhart
Jeff Day Henry Jones
Kathy Day Pamelyn Ferdin
Danny Day Jackie Haley
Ben Day Andrew Parks
Homer Frank Cady

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