Buford and the Galloping Ghost

Buford and the Galloping Ghost

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

This series was a spin-off from Yogi’s Space Race, consisting of two segments from that series-The Buford Files and The Galloping Ghost.

Taking place in Pendike County, Buford featured teens Cindy Mae and Woody doing what all red-blooded American teenagers did in the 70's: solve mysteries! Assisting Cindy Mae and Woody was their bloodhound Buford, whose nose turned red when he found a clue. Buford was a very lazy dog, and that, coupled with the bumbling police work of Sheriff Dupres and Deputy Goofer, forced the intrepid teens to work even harder to crack cases.

The Galloping Ghost was Nugget Nose, the spirit of a small, feisty prospector, who, like Buford, had a keen sense of smell. Wendy summoned Nugget Nose whenever she and her friend Rita needed assistance on the Fuddy Duddy Ranch. Fuddy Duddy owned the ranch and provided perpetual, if unintentional conflict with the Double-N.

Without the support of Yogi and friends, Buford and the Galloping Ghost left the air after one season.

Release History

2/3/79 - 9/1/79 NBC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Buford Frank Welker
Nugget Nose Frank Welker
Cindy Mae Pat Parris
Rita Pat Parris
Deputy Goofer Roger Peltz
Fuddy Duddy Hal Peary
Sheriff Dupres Henry Corden
Wendy Marilyn Schreffler
Woody David Landsberg

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