Baggy Pants and the Nitwits

Baggy Pants and the Nitwits

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

This program featured animated versions of two top comic routines-the antics of Charlie Chaplin, and "Gladys and Tyrone," a sketch made famous on the primetime show Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In.

The Chaplinesque segment featured a cat called "Baggy Pants," who engaged in tomfoolery with no dialogue and no laugh track. "The Nitwits" segment featured the voices of Ruth Buzzi and Arte Johnson as Gladys Ormphby and Tyrone, respectively, reprising the roles they made famous on Laugh-In. The running joke on that show had Tyrone making suggestive comments to the homely Gladys as she sat on a park bench. This would prompt Gladys to hit Tyrone over the head with her purse. This may not sound like an appropriate segment for kids, but here’s the twist: In the cartoon, Gladys and Tyrone put aside their differences and became crime fighters!

Tyrone’s code name was Agony Nine, and he could fly with the help of his springy cane named Elmo. Tyrone was also a bit of a bumbler, and Gladys usually saved the day. The unlikely heroes (Tyrone was still old, and Gladys still frumpy) battled crime for thirteen episodes, broadcast over the course of a single season.

Release History

9/10/77 - 10/28/78 NBC

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Gladys Ormphby Ruth Buzzi
Tyrone Arte Johnson

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