The Beagles

The Beagles

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Contrary to what you might think, The Beagles was not a parody of The Beatles. In fact, the only thing the two had in common was that they were both musicians.

Stringer and Tubby were a pair of pups who formed a rock duo. In between musical numbers, the two musical mutts easily got themselves into a wide variety of predicaments.

The Beagles was the final cartoon produced by Total TV, which also produced King Leonardo and his Short Subjects. Oddly enough, the lead characters weren’t patterned after any particular musicians at all; instead they seemed to favor the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, in action as well as voice.

The show did well in its one and only year on CBS, but inexplicably was not renewed by the network. Instead, The Beagles was picked up by ABC and shown in reruns for one more season.

Release History

9/10/66 - 9/2/67 CBS

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TV Studio

Totla TV/Lancelot Prod.

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