Brats of the Lost Nebula

Brats of the Lost Nebula

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

When the world-destroying alien army The Shock invaded the home planet of young brother-sister duo Zadam and Triply, the youngsters' parents scuttled them off to the relative safety of the Lost Nebula.

The kids landed on a living Planetoid and discovered three other homeless youths: Ryle, blue-skinned and a fierce competitor; Lavana, a fairy-winged mage; and Duncan, a musclebound tinkerer. The group banded together to fight The Shock as the Brats of the Lost Nebula.

The kid were aided in their fight by a long-eared animal named Splook, who could hold his own in battle while wearing a missile-equipped armored suit, and by Smarts, “the smartest computer in the universe.” Riding into combat on modified battle cruisers, the Brats battled Shock officer Hextar Vigar, his worm-like assistant Blite, and The Shock’s mysterious evil overseers, The Hosts.

The Brats’ unpredictability gave them the edge they needed, and the search for their lost parents gave them the motivation. The advanced puppet design of the show’s characters came from Jim Henson studios, which produced the half-hour program for its thirteen-episode run.

Release History

1998 - ? syndicated

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TV Studio

The Jim Henson Company

Television Cast

Zadam Kirby Morrow

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