Bots Master

Bots Master

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Listen up, you all,
You're the BOYZZ Brigade!
When it's Laser Time,
Put on the 3-D shades!
Laser time, BOYZZ!"

In the earth of the future, manual labor will be done by Auto Activated Androbots, leaving humans with more free time. So hypothesized the syndicated half-hour Bots Master.

Inventor Ziv Zulander (“ZZ” for short) created the Androbots for The Robot Megafact Corporation (“The Corp”), a business with a hidden agenda. The evil Dr. Hisss, Sir Louis Leon Paradim, and Lady Frenzy planted control chips in the ‘bots, hoping to use this metal army to conquer the world. ZZ discovered the plot and mounted a counterattack with his personal ‘bots, the Brain Operated Young Zygoetopic Zoids (the BOYZZ). Together with kid sister Blitzy, ZZ and the BOYZZ—Jammerzz, Tools, Ninjzz, D'Nerd, and others—fought to keep the world free.

Adding to the excitement was a two-minute 3D segment in each episode. With the signal, “Laser Time,” viewers donned their 3D glasses and watched the battle rage. Those deprived children without glasses could still watch the segments without getting the blurred effect of earlier 3D processes. Unfortunately, the hook didn’t catch on, and the show left the air after one season of episodes.

Release History

1993 - ? syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Nuopix, Avi Arad, Creativite et Developpement, All-American Television

Television Cast

Ziv "ZZ" Zulander Mark Hildreth
Dr. Hisss Ian James Corlett
Lady Frenzy Janyse Jaud
D'Nerd Terry Klassen
Genesix Michael Donovan

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