Beakman's World

Beakman's World

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“You sling 'em, I'll fling 'em! Let's boogie!”

Ever wonder why bubbles are round? How cats purr? If penguins have knees? Beakman’s World had the answers. In each episode, huge-haired scientist Beakman answered questions sent in by young viewers.

The idea came from Jok Church’s syndicated comic, You Can With Beakman and Jax. On the TV show, Beakman conducted experiments with the help of lab assistants Josie, Liza, Phoebe, and Lester, a smart-mouthed actor in a rat suit. Two puppet penguins named Don and Herb (after Don Herbert, TV’s Mr. Wizard) watched Beakman on their South Pole television set, offering their own commentary.

Beakman’s World debuted in 1992 both in syndication and on cable’s The Learning Channel. Parents, teachers, and critics praised the show’s educational value, but most importantly, kids loved it. The mix of real science and goofy humor caught on, and in 1993 the show moved from syndication to CBS’ Saturday morning lineup, while still airing new episodes on TLC. It remains a popular, fun teaching tool today.

Release History

9/3/92 - 1993 syndicated/TLC
1993 - ? CBS/TLC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Universal, Belo Productions, Columbia

Television Cast

Beakman Paul Zaloom
Lester Mark Ritts
Josie Alanna Ubach
Liza Eliza Schneider
Phoebe Senta Moses
Beakmom Jean Stapleton
Don (voice) Bert Berdis
Don (puppet) Steve Sherman
Herb (voice) Alan Barzman
Herb (puppet) Mark Ritts

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