The Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The characters of the popular children's books by Stan and Jan Berenstain came to Saturday-morning in 1985. The episodes varied little from the books, emphasizing family and good moral behavior.

Living in Beartown, the family often had to deal with important issues, such as responsibility and sharing. Many stories revolved around the family's close relationship with their community, including neighbors Big Paw Bear, Mayor Horace T. Honeypot, and scientist Actual Factual. Other times the family would be forced to deal with trouble caused by Raffish Ralph, a villain who enjoyed conning anyone he could. Whether Ralph was plotting to control all the honey in Beartown or causing earthquakes in the little community, the Bear family always found a way to work together and defeat him.

The popular Berenstain Books easily translated to a hit animated version. By keeping the family values intact, children could still learn from the same simple lessons that the Bear children were schooled on, as well as enjoy the warm and inviting animation that they came to love in the books.

Release History

09/14/85 - 09/05/87 CBS

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Southern Star Productions, Hanna-Barbera Australia

Television Cast

Mama Bear Ruth Buzzi
Papa Q. Bear Brian Cummings
Sister Bear Christina Lange
Brother Bear David Mendenhall
Raffish Ralph Frank Welker

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