The Bugaloos

The Bugaloos

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"The Bugaloos, the Bugaloos
We're in the air and everywhere
Flyin' high, flyin' loose
Flyin' free as a summer breeze
Happy as a summer breeze…"

Flying in on the success of their huge Saturday morning hit H.R. Pufnstuf, Sid and Marty Krofft brought audiences The Bugaloos in 1970. This was their second series under the Krofft Productions banner.

"The Bugaloos, the Bugaloos
We're climbing high and diving low
Through the sky, across the land
Straight to you with a helping hand
Ready with a helping hand…"

The Bugaloos—Joy, Courage, IQ and Harmony—were four fairies that frolicked and flew through Tranquility Forest with their loveable little firefly friend, Sparky. When they weren’t singing and playing music as a band, the Bugaloos learned lessons about sharing, friendship, and honesty. They also had to guard themselves against the tyrannical villainy of Benita Bizarre, a tone-deaf, untalented would-be rock star, who was jealous of the Bugaloos and longed to possess their beauty, goodness, and pitch. Along with her henchmen Funky Rat, Woofer, and Tweeter, Benita hatched a new scheme each week to kidnap and destroy the Bugaloos.

"We're a friend indeed
Should you be in need
If you ever need…"

Seventeen episodes of The Bugaloos were produced, among them: “Lady, You Don’t Look Eighty,” “The Uptown 500,” and “Our Home Is Our Hassle,” in which The Bugaloos helped Sparky with his fear of being alone.

During the time this series was made, Capital Records signed the Bugaloos to a recording contract and they released an album under that name.

"The Bugaloos, the Bugaloos
We're in the air and everywhere!"

Release History

9/12/70 - 9/2/72 NBC

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Television Cast

Benita Bizarre Martha Raye
Sparky Billy Barty
Woofer Joy Campbell
Funky Rat Sharon Baird
Tweeter Van Snowden
IQ John McIndoe
Courage John Philpott
Joy Caroline Ellis
Harmony Wayne Laryea

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