Big Blue Marble

Big Blue Marble

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"The earth's a big blue marble when you see it from up there."

Thinking globally and acting locally, Harry Fownes' Big Blue Marble introduced kids to the wonders of the planet earth. Airing on local PBS affiliates across the country and on stations around the world, the program showcased cultures and events in a half-hour TV magazine format.

Aside from the catchy theme song (and its equally catchy replacement), Big Blue Marble is best remembered for hooking up pen pals from distant lands. Kids from Oklahoma made new friends in Singapore, young Israelis corresponded with Alabamans, and on a very small scale, the world came together.

Innovative and informative, Big Blue Marble won multiple Emmy awards and a 1975 Peabody. The show left the air in 1983, but many of the cross-cultural friendships continue to this day.

"The big blue marble in space..."


Release History

1974 - ? syndicated

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Tisha Campbell herself

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