The Brady Kids

The Brady Kids

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

With the popularity of The Brady Bunch in prime-time and The Archies on Saturday morning, Paramount Pictures combined with Filmation Studios to bring the successful Brady Kids series to life. Because of the immense popularity surrounding teenage pop acts on Saturday morning, and as the title implies, The Brady Kids featured only the six Brady children—Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy—and not their parents (Mike and Carol) or their maid (Alice). This allowed the cartoon to focus on the comedic, mystery-solving adventures of the popular young stars.

Instead of using the famous Brady house as the center for the action, The Brady Kids took place in the kids' tree top clubhouse and revolved around their lives, romances, and adventures as a pop music group. Adding to the mayhem were their new animal friends: Marlon, a wisecracking mynah bird with magical powers; Mop Top, a grinning sheep dog that whistled and pantomimed his communications; and Ping and Pong, loveable Chinese-speaking Panda bears.

The show debuted as a special episode of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie before beginning its regular run. The show fell under the creative control of Sherwood Schwartz, executive producer and creator of Paramount’s The Brady Bunch.

All six Brady kids were voiced by the actors who portrayed them on the prime-time version and were drawn by Filmation artists to resemble the way they looked during the previous season.

Release History

9/16/72 - 8/31/74 ABC

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Television Cast

Greg Brady Barry Williams
Peter Brady Christopher Knight
Bobby Brady Mike Lookinland
Marcia Brady Maureen McCormick
Jan Brady Eve Plumb
Cindy Brady Susan Olen
Marlon Larry Storch
Ping Larry Storch
Pong Larry Storch

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