Brothers Flub

Brothers Flub

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Fraz and Guapo were the two blue-skinned Brothers Flub, interstellar delivery boys for RetroGrade A Freight and Transport. Flying off in their ship The Hoog, Fraz and Guapo delivered bizarre packages (one episode had them delivering “The Meaning of Life”) to even more bizarre planets (Low Speed Universe, the Picasso-like Cubish, and one planet so small that Fraz accidentally swallowed it.)

The Brothers’ slave-driving boss was the green alien Mizz Boomdeeyay, so mean she once installed a clock in Fraz’s leg to make sure packages were delivered in thirty minutes or less. Nickelodeon bought the Sunbow series to form part of its "Nick Jr." lineup, where it remained for the duration of its run.

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1998 - ? Nickelodeon

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