The Boing Boing Show

The Boing Boing Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Oscar-winning star of three wildly popular animated theatrical shorts directed by Robert Cannon, Gerald McBoing Boing was a round-eyed child who communicated in "boings" instead of words. The oddball character, created by Dr. Seuss, hosted this half-hour cartoon anthology from UPA.

Narrated by Bill Goodwin, the show featured not only Gerald, but also Dusty of the Circus, the Twirlinger Twins, Punch and Judy, and other UPA cartoons of the early 1950's.

The series garnered critical acclaim, but even raves from Time magazine couldn't overcome the fact that The Boing Boing Show was a very expensive venture. Faced with a tough time slot (5:30 p.m. on Sunday evenings), the show went into reruns after an all-too-brief three month run.

Release History

12/16/56 - 10/3/58 CBS

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TV Studio

UPA, Columbia

Television Cast

Host Bill Goodwin

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