The Biskitts

The Biskitts

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Biskitts were a group of tiny canines who lived on Biskitt Island and were committed to guarding the crown jewels of Biskitt Castle. Modeled after Robin Hood, the diminutive dogs still served their recently deceased king while performing good deeds for the underpriveleged inhabitants of their tiny island.

The villain of the series was the king's brother, Max, who ruled the neighboring Lower Suburbia. Why Max wasn't crowned the new ruler of the miniature mutts was never explained. In lieu of a proper coronation, Max constantly schemed to steal the jewels with the help of his hench-hounds Fang & Snarl and his jester Shecky.

As if protecting the dead king's valuables weren't a tough enough job, the petite pooches were also in danger of being captured and eaten by a large wildcat named Scratch. Why Scratch was normal-sized was another fact that was never explained.

The Biskitts ran for only one season on CBS, but is fondly remembered as one of the adorable, Smurfs-influenced cartoons of the 1980's.

Release History

9/17/83 - 9/1/84 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Wags Darryl Hickman
Lady B.J. Ward
Scat Dick Beals
Sweets Kathleen Helppie
Spinner Bob Holt
Bump Bob Holt
Flip Bob Holt
Shecky Kip King
Shiner Jerry Houser
Scratch Peter Cullen
Fang Peter Cullen
Dog Foot Peter Cullen
Max Kenneth Mars
Fetch Keneth Mars
Snarl Kenneth Mars
Wiggle Jennifer Darling
Mooch Marshall Efron
Downer Henry Gibson

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