Big John, Little John

Big John, Little John

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Schoolteacher John Martin discovered the fountain of youth in Florida. He drank from it, and nothing happened—until he was doused with water. Then, he turned into cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch. Well, not exactly, but he did turn into a twelve-year-old boy played by the actor Robbie Rist. Sadly, this would happen completely at random, and it was a permanent condition.

John's wife and son knew of his dilemma, and would cover for the inopportune transformations with various stratagems. The family even went so far as to claim that “Little John” was actually John’s nephew. Co-workers and other observers were suspicious, but never learned the truth. There was one show where “Big John” attempted to confess what had happened to him, but he failed.

The show, which, incidentally, was created by Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz, was consistently crushed in the ratings, and only lasted one season.

Release History

9/11/76 - 9/3/77 NBC

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TV Studio

Redwood Prod, William P. D

Television Cast

Big John Martin Herb Edelman
Little John Martin Robbie Rist
Marjorie Martin Joyce Bulifant
Ricky Martin Mike Darnell
Miss Bertha Bottomly Olive Dunbar

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