Beverly Hills Teens

Beverly Hills Teens

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Come live your fantasy in Beverly Hills..."

Back in the days before cartoons decided to develop a social conscience, Beverly Hills Teens taught the kids at home that classic 80's mantra, "Greed is good." Adding a bit more sass to the classic Richie Rich formula, this weekday syndicated show featured the wealthiest teens on the planet: beautiful blonde lead Larke, her boyfriend Troy, boy genius Chester, arrogant Pierce Thorndyke, gossipy Switchboard, surfer dude Radley, African-American beauty Chanel, southern belle Tara, and ultra-bratty Bianca, who wanted to steal Troy from Lark. The rest of the cast included Bianca's manservant Wilshire, rockers Jett and Gig, pink poodle Fifi, and Pierce's back-talking pocket computer, the CAD unit.

The premise was simple: the kids were rich, and they bought things. Whether riding in the back of stretch limousines or maxing out their credit cards on clothes, the teens always managed to find the kinds of adventures only the fabulously wealthy could ever afford.

Well, kids, money can buy many things, but it can't buy ratings. Beverly Hills Teens ran for only one season in syndication, crushing the dreams of legions of young capitalists. Their disappointment was eased when the spirit of the Beverly Hills Teens lived on in shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and the film/TV series Clueless.

Release History

1987 - ? syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

DIC Enterprises

Television Cast

Buck Michael Beattie
Wilshire Michael Beattie
Tara Karen Bernstein
Jett Karen Bernstein
Radley Hadley Kay
Guitar Hadley Kay
Nikki Darling Corinne Koslo
Larke Mary Long
Dog Mary Long
Pierce Thorndyke Stephen McMulkin
Jillian Tracy Moore
Bianca Tracy Moore
Blaise Tracy Moore
Troy Jonathan Potts
Gig Mark Saunders
Dad Mark Saunders
Switchboard Joanne Schellenberg
Fifi Linda Sorenson
Shanelle Spencer Michelle St. John

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