Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Tell me, doctor, where are we going in time?
Is this the fifties or 1999?”

The time-tripping antics of the three Back to the Future films came to Saturday morning in 1991, whisking teenage Marty McFly and eccentric Doc Brown back and forth through the pages of history.

The cartoon picked up at the end of the third movie installment, with Doc having married his Old West love Clara and fathered children Jules and Verne. Marty, Doc, the family, and pet dog Einstein traveled through time on often-dangerous adventures, always encountering some ancestor or descendant of the movies' villain, Biff Tannen. Biff also turned up at show’s end to deliver a cornball joke.

The show prided itself on its historical accuracy, and each adventure resulted in a moral lesson. The show’s theme song was Huey Lewis and the News’ “Back in Time,” from the first movie (for the TV show, a different group performed the tune).

Mary Steenburgen and Thomas F. Wilson reprised their roles as Clara and Biff for the cartoon. Christopher Lloyd returned as Doc Brown in live action wraparound segments, narrating science facts and experiments. The facts themselves were demonstrated by “video scientist/technical advisor” Bill Nye the Science Guy, who spun off into his own highly successful educational series in 1993.

Release History

9/14/91 - 8/14/93 CBS

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Amblin/Wang Film Production Co./Z.M. Productions/Universal

Television Cast

Doc Brown (animated) Dan Castellaneta
Marty McFly David Kaufman
Clara Brown Mary Steenburgen
Jules Brown Josh Wiener
Verne Brown Troy Davidson
Biff Tannen Thomas F. Wilson
Einstein Danny Mann
Doc Brown (live-action) Christopher Lloyd
Bill Nye the Science Guy Himself

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