Bear in the Big Blue House

Bear in the Big Blue House

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Big Blue House…”

Softer than Snuggles, gentler than Gentle Ben, and smarter than the average bear, the title character of Bear in the Big Blue House was a seven-foot orange grizzly with a nose for learning. “Bear” (both his species and his name) was yet another Muppet creation from Jim Henson Productions, and he was designed to be as natural as a talking, home-owning bear could be.

Bear in the Big Blue House was created for the very young, teaching concepts like shapes, gravity, helping, seasons, and even potty training. Joining the ever-curious Bear were an assortment of woodland creatures—excitable lemur Treelo, headstrong mouse Tutter, peppy otter twins Pip and Pop, and imaginative little bear Ojo—all of whom helped illustrate the day’s lesson. At the end of every episode, Bear went out on his balcony to talk with his friend Luna, the wise moon, about what everyone had learned.

Bear wasn’t all work and no play, however. With the musical call, “Where oh where oh where is Shadow?,” Bear’s friend Shadow would appear. Together with other shadow friends, the girl put on shadow plays of brief, amusing stories.

Despite his enormous size, Bear had a way with children. He addressed the kids at home directly, talking to them as if they were all his close friends. They must have felt that way, too, as Bear in the Big Blue House became a long-running hit on The Disney Channel.

“Hey this was really fun, we hope you liked it, too…”

Release History

1997 - ? Disney Channel

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Disney Channel, Jim Henson

Television Cast

Bear (voice) Noel McNeal
Treelo (voice) Tyler Bunch
Tutter (voice) Peter Linz
Pip (voice) Peter Linz
Pop (voice) Tyler Bunch
Ojo (voice) Vicki Eibner
Luna (voice) Lynne Thigpen
Shadow (voice) Tara Mooney
Doc Hogg (voice) Tyler Bunch
Grandma Flutter (voice) Vicki Eibner
Ray the Sun (voice) Geoffrey Holder
Otto James J. Kroupa
Jacque (voice) Peter Linz
Ursa (voice) Carmen Osbahr

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