Bonkers (70's)

Bonkers (70's)

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

This comedy-variety series arrived in syndication four years after the success of The Hudson Brothers' other two series, The Hudson Brothers Show and The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show.

Besides brothers Bill, Brett, and Mark, the Bonkers cast included comedy performer Bob Monkhouse and the beautiful Miss Bonkers, who had a man's voice. In addition to songs and comedy sketches, the show added a bit of flash in the form of the "Bonkettes," dancing girls in the style of the Radio City Rockettes and the June Taylor dancers.

Unfortunately, the half-hour Bonkers failed to live up to the precedent of the earlier Hudson Brothers shows, lasting less than a full season. After its primetime run, the show appeared on Saturdays in selected cities.

Release History

9/78 - 2/79 syndicated
1978 - syndicated

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TV Studio

Walt Disney Productions

Television Cast

Various Bill Hudson
Various Mark Hudson
Various Brett Hudson
Himself Bob Monkhouse
Poducer Jack Burns

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