Birdman and The Galaxy Trio

Birdman and The Galaxy Trio

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show


Endowed with power from the Egyptian sun god Ra, ordinary human Ray Randall became the super-powered Birdman, fighting crime and bringing "the light of justice" to the world. In his Birdman identity, Ray could fly (with attached baby blue wings), fire "solar rays" from his fists, and defend himself with a solar shield.

Birdman was aided in his world saving by his eagle Avenger and by his sidekick, Birdboy (who also sang his own name). Operating out of a secret volcano hideaway, Birdman and company flew into action under the direction of Ray's eyepatch-wearing commander, Falcon 7.

Two weekly segments of Birdman were separated by one cartoon adventure of The Galaxy Trio. Fighting evil in their own corner of the cosmos were Gravity Girl, who could fly through space and defy all other laws of gravity, Vapor Man, who could assume any gaseous form, and the pointy-eared Meteor Man, whose superhuman strength came out through oversized fists when fighting. The Trio piloted the Condor Seven through space, beaming down to whatever planet needed saving.

Despite high ratings, NBC cancelled Birdman and the Galaxy Trio under pressure to tone down Saturday morning violence. But thanks to outlets like USA's Cartoon Express and the Carton Network, the winged wonder was saved from the cartoon netherworld, still popping up regularly wherever good action cartoons are enjoyed.

Release History

9/9/67 - 12/28/68 NBC

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Television Cast

Birdman/Ray Randall Keith Andes
Birdboy Dick Beals
Falcon 7 Don Messick
Vapor Man Don Messick
Gravity Girl Virginia Eiler
Meteor Man Ted Cassidy

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