Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The lovable but troublemaking St. Bernard named Beethoven had already starred in two feature films before coming to CBS’ Saturday morning animated lineup. The cartoon picked up where the movies left off, with Beethoven’s antics making life miserable for owner George Newton. George’s family—wife Alice and children Ryce, Ted, and Emily—loved the big pooch and tried to keep the peace when Beethoven made a particularly large mess.

Joining the cast were Beethoven’s talking dog pals—bloodhound Caesar, collie Ginger, and peppy little terrier Sparky. Another new face was the Newton’s pet hamster, Mr. Huggs. Dean Jones, who played a villain in the feature Beethoven, provided George’s voice, and Nicholle Tom carried over from live-action to cartoon voice as Ryce.

Beethoven's big, slobbering antics apparently didn't carry the same weight as his live-action ones. The series lasted only one season.

Release History

9/17/94 - 9/2/95 CBS

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George Newton Dean Jones
Ryce Newton Nicholle Tom

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