Bureau of Alien Detectors

Bureau of Alien Detectors

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Invaders from alien worlds got a rude awakening in this early UPN cartoon. The Bureau of Alien Detectors (B.A.D. for short) was a covert government team assigned to monitor, control, and combat the growing number of alien visitations, abductions, and invasions.

The pride and joy of B.A.D. was a five-person team called Phalanx Squad, led by Marine Sergeant Ben Packer, a born fighter. Packer’s second was psychic Special Agent Casey Taylor. Each of the rest of the squad had his own special training or abilities: Special Agent Colin Marcus was an expert in covert intelligence, Special Agent Shane Sanderson was a gifted medic and biologist, and Army Private “Moose” Trengganu had gained enhanced strength and morphing capabilities from an alien encounter.

The show built an X-Files-like paranoia about the Bureau itself, with some directors having plans of their own for the aliens. Unfortunately, Bureau of Alien Detectors only ran thirteen episodes over one season, leaving the world to fight its own alien battles.

Release History

9/8/96 - 9/20/97 UPN

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Voices Bree Anderson
Voices Reuben Daniels
Voices Sammy Lane
Voices Michael McConnohie
Voices Walter Rego
Voices Peter Spellos
Voices Tyrone Week

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