Cow and Chicken

Cow and Chicken

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Mama had a chicken, Mama had a cow,
Dad was proud, he didn’t care how!”

As wonderfully irreverent as Ren & Stimpy, Cow and Chicken told the tale of two siblings—one a cow, the other a chicken. Chicken, age 11, was the older brother to his sister Cow, age 7. They were the offspring of two parents (or rather four legs, since Dad and Mama were only seen from the waist down), who were trying to raise their brood in the quiet suburbs.

Like most youngsters, Cow and Chicken had run-ins with the usual suspects—schoolmates, girl's bathrooms, hardened criminals and a horned creature with a pointy tail called the Red Guy.

The Red Guy, also known as the Devil, was in constant pursuit of our protagonists, trying to cow-nap and chicken-nap them, respectively. His devilish efforts were often thwarted by the show’s lone superhero, Supercow. Red Guy was also the most versatile of the show's characters, appearing as a warden in one episode, a salesman in another and a policeman named Officer Pantsoffski in yet another. Regardless of his disguise, the Red Guy’s main objective was to unmask and defeat the mysterious Supercow. Will the identity of Supercow ever be revealed? Is it mere coincidence that he looks EXACTLY like Cow? Hmmm…

Other characters on the program included Chicken’s two best friends, Flem and Earl, as well as Cow and Chicken’s cousin, Boneless Chicken, who had the unenviable condition of possessing no bones.

Each half-hour program was split into three segments, two "Cow and Chicken" shorts and one of another cartoon, I Am Weasel. The latter segment starred I.M. Weasel, a wealthy, intelligent, debonair weasel, whose lifestyle was constantly interrupted by a bothersome baboon named I.R. Baboon. The dimwitted primate was madly jealous of Weasel's success, and he tried in vain to imitate his dashing competitor. This segment was later spun off into a separate series.

With its razor-sharp, punning humor, Cow and Chicken supplied enough laughs to stock an entire funny farm. The show continues to be a major draw on The Cartoon Network, and Mama and Dad couldn't be more proud.

Release History

7/97 - ? Cartoon Network

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Cow Charlie Adler
Chicken Charlie Adler
Red Guy Charlie Adler
Mama Candi Milo
Dad Dee Bradley Baker
Flem Howard Morris
Earl Dan Castellanta
I.M. Weasel Michael Dorn
I.R. Baboon Charlie Adler

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