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CBS Storybreak

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Bob Keeshan, once known to many children as Captain Kangaroo , was the first host of this show. Each week Keeshan presented animated versions of children's books, returning at the conclusion to tell the audience about other books similar to the story they had just seen. The books themselves were recommended by the Library of Congress.

The first batch of cartoons were produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and included the classic How To Eat Fried Worms . Dozens of other books came to animated life over the series' extended run, as new episodes were mixed with older ones for several seasons.

Later in the series, Keeshan was replaced by Malcolm-Jamal Warner, The Cosby Show 's Theo. The show left the air for the 1986 season, then returned in 1987, thus beginning an on-again, off-again cycle that stretched late into the 1990's.

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3/30/85 - 1/3/87 CBS

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