C-Bear and Jamal

C-Bear and Jamal

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"So when you wake up in the morn' at the crack of dawn,
C-Bear and Jamal!
Or when you get out of bed and you stetch and yawn,
C-Bear and Jamal!
If you're down in the dumps and you need a smile,
C-Bear and Jamal!
It's the funky cartoon, leave 'em dancin' in the aisle."

C-Bear was an ordinary teddy bear in the eyes of most, but to young Jamal Wingo, he was a best friend and confidante. The shades-wearing bear (voiced by rapper Tone Loc, who performed the show's theme song) could walk and talk, but only came to life around Jamal.

But C-Bear and Jamal was more than a rap-influenced Calvin and Hobbes. The two title stars teamed up to help South Central L.A. kids with a variety of social problems—peer pressure, divorce, drug abuse, etc. In each episode, C-Bear borrowed a page from It’s a Wonderful Life, showing Jamal what would happen if the wrong choice were made.

Despite the show's overwhelming popularity with both educators and kids, only 13 original episodes were produced, aired over two seasons.

Release History

9/7/96 - 4/3/98 Fox

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TV Studio

Film Roman

Television Cast

C-Bear Tone Loc
Jamal Wingo Arthur Reggie III
Hawthorne George Wallace
Grandma Dawnn Lewis
Grandpa Darryl Sivad
Maya Kim Fields Freeman
Big Chill Aires Spears
Kwame Aires Spears
Chipster Jeannie Elias
Kim Margaret Cho
Javier Paul Rodriguez
Sooner Danny Mann

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